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Handmade Vampire Blood Dice Set with Hand-Painted Chest

Handmade Vampire Blood Dice Set with Hand-Painted Chest

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Happy Halloween!  This spooky, scary dice set has a mix of translucent Black and semi-opaque White with drops of Blood Red seeping through, with Red painted numbers.  (No real blood included.)

This item includes:

1 set of 7 handmade RPG dice.

1 hand-painted wooden dice chest with gloss finish and felt lining.

+ whatever random junk from my hoard I decide to throw in for free


More pictures/details available upon request.


These dice are made by hand. They may have minor mold marks/imperfections and may not be perfectly weighted, but they have all been rolled and inspected. 

This store cannot be held responsible for bad dice rolls, broken magic items, failed saving throws, character/NPC deaths, or damage caused by dragon's breath.

These dice have sharp edges.  As such, these dice are not meant for small children, human consumption, or people prone to slamming their hands on the table.

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