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Hand-Painted Owlbear Miniature for D&D

Hand-Painted Owlbear Miniature for D&D

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An Owlbear miniature for Dungeons and Dragons, painted entirely by hand with a custom mix of purple-gray, light gray highlights, and a mix of matte and gloss finish.

Size Large on a 1 inch grid.


This item includes:

1 hand-painted miniature

+ whatever random junk from my hoard I decide to throw in for free



3D model design by Miguel Zavala, @mz4250



More pictures/details available upon request.




These 3D printed miniatures are quite delicate. They are not meant to be thrown, eaten, maimed, sat on by angry barbarians, kept in a bag of holding, used in battle against an army of squirrels, taken to the plane of Limbo, or used to clean the nostrils of a dracolich.

If your miniature does break somehow, please contact for assistance.

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